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Bob Woodroofe created Greenwood Press in 1993 to publish his poetry collections about life in the Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire. He is inspired by the natural world, the countryside & its rural history & ancient mysteries. His work appears in many poetry magazines & is performed locally.

Joined by Sue Johnson in 1998 they have published her ’Writer’s Toolkit’ booklets, a joint poetry collection ‘Tales of Trees’ & Bob’s ‘Something Stirred’ in search of greenness.

2017 saw their second joint poetry collection ‘Journey’ about their travels together, Sue’s ‘Curious Women’ poetry collection & Bob’s first hardback poetry collection ‘Pick of the Crop’.

2018 brought a new venture with a CD of Poems & songs ‘A Town like Evesham’ jointly recorded by Bob & Sue with local singer songwriter Colin Pitts.

In 2019, to celebrate 25 years publishing Bob has issued new impressions of all his work, available direct from us or in paperback on Amazon & as e books on Kindle.

2020 brings a second hardback poetry collection from Bob, ‘Another Lad of Evesham Vale.’  It was out in the Vale’s fields & orchards that I first heard & picked up the local dialect. There are poems about growing up in Evesham, picking the fruit & vegetables & working the land. Others tell of Evesham’s history, the changes over time & reach out around the Vale & up to the present day. The book includes a CD of local dialect ‘Asum grammar’ poems.


the twin leaves of the twayblade

the four leaves of the paris herb

followed by the devil’s bit blue

and meadow saffron’s lilac hue

bob woodroofe